Welcome to the Spreen Mazda Blog!

Whether you’re a long-time customer here at Spreen Mazda or new to the Loma Linda, CA area and are searching for a great new Mazda vehicle, there’s no question that we are the experts for such things in this part of the state of California. That’s why we decided to start the Spreen Mazda blog. Not only do we want to be trusted experts in-house when it comes to new Mazda vehicles, service, and financing, but we also want to be experts in the virtual space. Our hope is that this blog serves that purpose for customers in search of a little more detail about the vehicles they love.

For starters, we will use this space to give our customers updates about all the latest and greatest things happening within the Mazda brand. Any time a new model debuts or an existing model has major upgrades announced, we’ll make sure you are apprised of the updates. Mazda likes to stay on the cutting edge, so it’s always fun for us to pass on the good news to our customers.

We also can use our new blog to highlight some of our best-selling models in the Riverside, CA area and alert readers as to when certain financing specials become available for buying or leasing. Plus, we have a fantastic Mazda service center that can help with all sorts of things, which gives us the opportunity to inform you how to best take care of your vehicle in between maintenance visits.

This blog should be a fun way for us to interact with our customer base from San Bernardino to Fontana, and we are very much looking forward to populating this website with great content in the months to come. Stay tuned, and get ready to keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates from us here at Spreen Mazda, your local CA Mazda dealership.